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What are Now Life Groups?

Life Groups are a place to connect with the friends you have fun with, grow with and serve with. Life Groups are smaller gatherings where we get to know each other and God better. We believe that we were created to share life with other believers and in this way we can also grow more together.

Within Life Groups, people are changed, strengthened and create lasting friendships. Their God-given unique gifts and talents are identified, nurtured and developed. Ideas, prophecies and visions are born within these groups. These experiences have immense importance to our future as a church. In our Life Groups, we learn to mutually inspire, support, and encourage one another in our pursuit of being a committed community, devoted to follow Jesus Christ.


meet the coaches

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We as Women have endured so much yet we still stand tall and keep moving forward. GOD wants to give you Beauty 4 Ashes. He wants to heal, and mend your broken heart. 

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Life groups play a crucial role in our church body as they provide a place for individuals to step out of the crowd and into community while growing in their love for Christ, fellow believers, and their community. We want life groups to be a place where people flourish, which is why the role of a life group leader is so important! Life group leaders have the privilege of creating environments in which seeds of faith are planted and watered in the lives of those they lead, while trusting God with the growth (1 Corinthians 3:6).

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