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what is NOW kids?

NOW Kids is the Children's Ministry at NOW Church.

Walking into NOW Kids, children are immediately greeted with love the love of God. We believe that if the atmosphere is set, the children will be attracted to learning and freely worshiping their Savior!

Our goal is that every NOW Kid leaves with more knowledge of Jesus and the Bible, but also leaves having encountered Him personally and tangibly. They leave knowing there’s a God who passionately pursues their hearts, who created them for a reason and who loves them more than they can comprehend.


Now Kids
Ages 3M - 36M


Now Kids

Ages 3 - 5

Now Kids
Ages 6 - 12
More about NOW Kids

In NOW Kids Ministries we encourage our youth to tap into all that childlike faith encompasses through a relationship with Jesus. We believe that the miraculous is the normal inside our church and NOW Kids is no exception. Boys and girls are meeting Jesus for the very first time and their lives and families lives are being forever changed. The children believe that the impossible is completely possible because of the all powerful God they serve and we are so excited to see where these kids’ lives take them!

Check out NOW Youth Group, serving our 13 to 18 year olds, also meeting during our Sunday services!

Stay Connected on Realm

The NOW Church Realm APP is the perfect way to get instant updates on what’s going on at the NOW, register for upcoming events, or anything else you might need. Download it today!

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